About International Study

Why Study Abroad?

Study in different continents that gives you the best of both worlds

Global career opportunities

Lessons from world famous professors-cum-researchers

Degree from a prestigious Universities

Multi-cultural learning environment

Teamwork, interaction and participation-oriented pedagogy

Most affordable International study programs in the world

Expected Program Outcomes

The student who completes the program is expected to posses abilities to:

Take strategic view of each situation

Recognize the organisational processes that lead to shared vision and motivation in cross-cultural teams

Identify the different kinds of knowledge

Design and lead innovation strategies

See the organisational network as the unit of production process

Prioritize and manage the tasks

Establish social infrastructure in association with Customers, Competitors, Suppliers, Distributors and Teams.

Lead change in organisations

Adapt to new contexts, tasks, processes, technologies and sources of information

Communicate effectively in a multicultural world