Key Differentiators

Adventure Learning

Experiential learning is the process of learning from experience. It is learning through reflection on doing. Experiential learning is related to other forms of experience-based learning such as experiential education, action learning, adventure learning and cooperative learning. In business schools, internship and job shadowing opportunities are some examples of experiential learning.

Multicultural Environment

Our International study programs entail student participation in a truly diverse group and develop a global mindset through a host of teaching pedagogies with an international orientation. The program aims at preparing them for a global career. The students usually come from different parts of the world and they come with diverse cultural backgrounds and mindsets.

Vibrant Social Life

Our International study programs are committed to offer students a wider platform to engage in co-curricular activities. The objective is to expand students’ learning potential, groom their talent and foster all round development. With this view in mind our programs have taken initiative to form various clubs to help students lead an active social life. The activities carried out at these clubs are a fine blend of entertainment and enlightenment, and rejuvenation and motivation.

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