An internship isn't just any temporary job. It can be a bridge to your life's work or an experiment in a career that interests you. Maybe you've heard a lot about them from parents, counselors or a co-worker who used one to transition from another field. You might be wondering, "What's in it for me?" If you've got questions about whether interning is the right way to achieve your career goals, this is the place to start. We'll begin with the basic definiton and move to answering many of the most common questions people have about taking on the role of the intern.

'The LEAP - Learning & Employability Advancement Program' is an initiative undertaken with the object to create adequately skilled and productive individuals having thorough knowledge of the Banking & Finance Industry. The idea is to bridge the gap that arises owing to the fact that what the employers expect from fresh talent is very different than what is available. With this initiative, we will offer programs to graduates / students pursuing MBAs and help them in being better equipped to face the challenges in the future and also seek better job opportunities while they undergo their normal mode of education.

Students Benefits:

Experience and Confidence

Added Value to His / Her Resume

Focused Career Direction

The Ability to Convert Training into a Career

Entrepreneurial Know How

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FRM- Fashion Retail Management is a 6months certificate course. We are looking at 350hrs of training to be imparted to each participant. This certificate empowers the candidate to step into the world of modern day retail, the course content is designed by IIMA. Minimum qualification would be Graduates & above. Post the 350hrs training which should be maximum finished in 6months. The candidate undergoes a test in which they have to pass with a min of 60marks. Post this the candidate is taken on SSL roles for a period of 12months. Post this an Potential Development Center is conducted and if he/she clears the same they become Trainee Department Manager….and from here on the career/grow curve starts.

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